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Spring Sojourn - Artist collaboration with Mont Kiji, Paris

Spring Sojourn - limited edition scarf

Spring Sojourn is a black and white painting for an artist collaboration with Mont Kiji, Paris. The company offers bespoke luxury silk scarves and accessories created by French artisans in Lyon.


As I recall my student days in Paris, there are 3 elements that I associate most with France - the River Seine, music of Serge Gainsbourg and the verdant boulevards and parks. As an outsider, they were a great source of comfort and inspiration in times of loneliness. Painted on the scarf are memories of the Jardin de Tuileries, merceries of Sentier and Île Saint-Louis.

Sunday Laundry is another piece I had done with Mont Kiji.

IMG_3851 3.jpeg
sunday laundry mont kiji paris
sunday laundry mont kiji paris.jpg
Sunday Laundry - limited edition scarf 
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