Spring Sojourn - Artist collaboration with Mont Kiji, Paris

Spring Sojourn - limited edition scarf
Spring Sojourn is a black and white painting created for Mont Kiji, Paris. I was elated to be the third artist featured in their Artist Collaboration series. The company offers bespoke luxury silk scarves and accessories created by French artisans in Lyon, France in limited editions. 
The idea for my work came about when I recalled my student days in Paris. There are 3 elements that I associate most with France - the River Seine, music of legendary icon Serge Gainsbourg and the verdant boulevards and parks. As an outsider, they were a great source of comfort and inspiration.
To learn more about A Sojourner's Diary where both these works come from and Mont Kiji creations, please visit link below.
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sunday laundry mont kiji paris france.jp
sunday laundry mont kiji paris.jpg
Sunday Laundry - limited edition scarf