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Park Royal, Our Heartlands by Plural Art Mag
Park Royal_Tampines_Singapore.jpg
Park Royal_Tampines_Singapore.jpg
Park Royal_Sun Plaza Park Sg.jpg
Dimensions:  84 x 36 x 61 cm w
Park Royal was realised with the support of Plural Art Mag and the National Arts Council Singapore. They commissioned 100 artists to reflect on a period of nationwide ‘lockdown’.
It is my tribute to Sunplaza Park in Tampines - a place where
nature intersects the man-made.

To ‘dream’ of nature, I made a 3-dimensional ‘painting-cum-sculpture’ in the shape of a pillow and inserted royal palm leaves - all spray painted in bright neon colours. This reflected the whimsical colours found in the park such as the cobalt blue giant talking tubes and orange ladder sculpture. 

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