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 The River Knows All Our Stories
I went for a summer art residency program at Untitled Space in Shanghai, China in 2018.
It had been 20 years since my last visit and I was awestruck by the changes that had taken place during this time.
The glittery, cosmopolitan skyline appears to have overshadowed the quiet and peaceful Shanghai that I had once encountered. During my month-long stay in Jinze, I attempted to capture these observations through a painting titled, The River Knows All Our Stories.
The river as a wise and ancient observer - bearing witness to the torrential changes in a city that it surrounds. Old towns giving way to the new - as if their history is continually  swallowed up by this force of nature. 

This culminated in a group show titled, Eyes Wide Open in 2019.
Eyes Wide Open, a group exhibition where my work was shown in 2019 - Untitled Space art residency program in Shanghai.
The River Knows All Our Stories.jpg
The river knows all our stories.jpg
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