Promise of a Blue Sky ~ Streets of Hope by The National Arts Council, Singapore
Promise of a Blue Sky_Charlotte Chin_202
45 x 45 ", 114 cm x 114 cm, mixed media painting (charcoal, ink, acrylic paint, graphite pencil) on archival paper
A universal killer virus lurks in all corners of the world. Mankind has to brace themselves for all kinds of disasters - be it a global economic downturn, climate change, police and domestic brutality, and heightened racial unrest. I cringe at the words - a New Normal. It is scary how such a tiny pathogen can cause so much grief, destruction and amplify these existing issues.
Good natured citizens whom I encounter here suddenly carry a grim countenance...perhaps their smiles are hidden under their masks. In search of light hearted moments in my daily life, I have found immense joy looking at the sky - with its ever changing hues, voluminous clouds and feathered creatures taking flight. 
In my submission for Streets of Hope, organised by the National Arts Council, Singapore, I wanted to convey those feelings and hold on to my belief that things will get better. It may not happen tomorrow, but one day soon. 

Promise of a Blue Sky_Charlotte Chin_Sin