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Nest   (I.D. The Body's Still Warm, 2018)

Does art have to be shown in a white cube, or to a select few within a private collection only? This experiment amalgamates both spaces - a party where everyone's invited!
As part of his housewarming party, artist-curator Yen Phang invited 42 artists to stage an art show at 42, Cambridge Road. The challenge was for each artist to negotiate spaces within the confines of a 4-room government flat (HDB) to show their works.
I presented Nest, which is a series of 7 raku fired clay bodies that are shaped like human bones. Canopy is a painting that was presented in 3 states of unwrap (3 iterations) during the show.  
I was questioning my own definition of home. As a younger person who had relocated often, the idea of home shifts even as I am aging. Through these works, I express my need to settle into a more permanent environment - fusing my heart and bones with the soul of a place.

Click to view Canopy


Nest, Series 1-7, Raku fired clay bodies


Nest is a collection of 7 bones reflecting the artist’s need for settling down. Using  bones as a metaphor to connect with the living environment - to be at one with the ‘body’. Each bone denotes 7 reasons: to find shelter, comfort, security, belonging, love, desire and rest. 


Raku, a stoneware material has a natural colour that is similar to human bones, and both have a propensity for porousness.

These bone fragments were nestled above light switches - attempting to assimilate into its surroundings. Living as a quiet observer but yet having an acute awareness of its own contrasting shape and oddity. 
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