Canopy  ( I.D. The Body's Still Warm, 2018)

A total of 42 artists were invited to participate in a housewarming-cum-art-exhibition at 42, Cambridge Road. 


The challenge was for each artist to negotiate spaces within the confines of a 4-room government flat (HDB) to show their works. 

Canopy is a 48 x 36 " mixed media painting (comprising paper, ink,acrylic paint, graphite and charcoal) that was wrapped in plastic. This encasement was presented in 3 iterations for the duration of the show. 


My work talks about transitional spaces through the act of moving/relocation. Hence, it explores the process of covering. There are often several layers in my painting - with the first layer providing a base/skeleton, and the following layers to depict a certain period of time, locale and mood. The plastic sheet is used as a final covering because - one never knows when it’s time to make another transition in life.

I.D. The Body's Still Warm was featured in ST Life! 
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